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September 29, 2018

March 31, 2017

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May 30, 2018

Schuylerville Area Chamber of Commerce

PO Box 80, Schuylerville, NY  12871




Regular Meeting, Tuesday, May 29, 2018, 6:30 PM

Gates Room, Saratoga Town Hall, Spring Street, Schuylerville, NY


The Meeting was called to order at 6:40 PM by President Dave Roberts


Present: Nate Darrow, Tim Holmes, Mike Bielke, Marla Hodge, Julie Stokes, Dermot Jinks, Mary Roberts, Amanda Bergin, Sweeny Bergin, Maria Saaverdra, and Rob Chrust.


The Minutes of Meeting of April 24, 2018 were discussed and approved on a motion by Julie Stokes and seconded by Mary Roberts.


The Treasurer’s Report showed $7,393.15 In the bank with $2,926 in the General Purposes account, $2,000 in the Special Project account (CSSC report), $2,442 In the Village Tree Committee account, and $235 remaining in the Easter Egg Hunt account.


Dr. Jinks reported that all the cards containing the names of potential members had been assigned and that the regular mailing of renewal requests for current SACC members had gone out.  Dave Roberts said that renewals have been coming in and that the dues generated are represented in the treasurer’s report current as of the date of the meeting.  It was agreed that a list of all the currently paid-up members would be generated in order for the Membership Committee to organize a follow -up on the prospect cards out in the hands of committee members. 


Mike Bielke, representing Hudson Crossing Park, asked if SACC was a member of the Saratoga Chamber.  The answer being Yes, he wondered if the Park could avail itself of the Saratoga Chamber’s Visitor outreach organs eg: the Visitor’s Center and the on-line posts etc.  He was invited to inquire of the Saratoga Chamber on behalf of SACC.


Dave Roberts reported that the seven documents generated by Cindy Wian, Lorraine Thompson and Sue Bobinski in reaction to the data generated at the community-based “S.W.A.T.” event were distributed by email.  A brief description of each was included in the minutes of the April 24th meeting and will be attached below.  After discussion it was agreed that a second general meeting would be requested of the three leaders of the exercise.  Ideally it would be held again at the Am. Legion.  The meeting would be designed to discuss the findings as presented to the board and resolve to refine, amend and adopt the recommendations.


There was a lively discussion about the potential for building on the Mother’s Day Weekend events centered around the appreciation of the community’s Lilac collection.  Other activities, the Garden Club’s Plant Sale, the Baby Goat event at O.S. Mercantile, the commercial spin-offs at places like Schuyler Farms, and more, were discussed with an eye toward expansion of the awareness of each to each other and desire to build on collective momentum.  Mary Roberts suggested that the general aesthetic of the of the weekend events made it a perfect candidate for a spread in one of Saratoga’s glossy magazines.  It was resolved that more pre-planning would enhance next year’s Lilac Weekend.


Up-coming events:  Planning for The Turning Point Parade is well under way.  Several suggestions were offered to the Parade Committee participants, Amanda Bergin, Dermot Jinks, and Dave Roberts who were present.  Rob Chrust offered the names of several stilt-walkers, and Mary Roberts offered the use of her pole-mounted “fish kites” providing volunteers could be found to fly them. Ideas for musical groups and other potential parade participants were suggested. The Parade Committee will meet on Wednesday May 30 at 6:30 at Jody’s Tavern.  


Dr. Jinks reported that the SSBA group would be meeting on June 7th. He said that he would bring up the subjects of the map of the businesses, the rotating mixers.


The Board had previously decided to send a window decal to each enrolled member as an acknowledgement of their membership.  A draft was volunteered by Carol Hammer of Sunflower Grafix and was passed around.  It was positively received.  Its central focus is a representation of the historic Schuyler House. Though deemed graphically effective, discussion evolved around the fact that the current image used on all SACC letterheads etc. was a depiction of the Battle Monument.   Dave Roberts said he would ask Carol to evolve a similar draft depicting the monument and that further discussion and a decision would take place on Thursday June 7th at Sweeny’s at 8:15 AM.  Dr. Jinks will attend and any others interested are invited to join.  


In General discussion, Rob Chrust suggested that large “blow-ups” of the maps, both the Lilac Walking Tour and the SSBA business directory be generated on weather-resistant material to be posted strategically in the Village. The concept was endorsed by the Board.  Dave said he would reach out to Ed Smith for a quote.


There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:05 PM


Respectfully submitted: Charles Dumbphry, acting minute taker




  1. A summary of the “Strengths and Weaknesses” that were posted on sticky notes by the participants at the meeting.

  2. A list of the “mission statement” ideas posted at the meeting with the troika’s boiled down suggestion: “To enhance our community together to build a vibrant economy.” This document also proposed their suggestions for a “vision statement” 

  • To promote and support member businesses and organizations and respond to their needs

  • To be a champion of private enterprise, promoting membership viability, recognizing business and community achievements

  • To provide leadership and unify the voice of the business community and to serve as a pro-active liaison to governmental and regulatory entities

  • To enhance quality of life

  • To promote heritage tourism

They also suggested a “motto” ‘BUILDING A BETTER COMMUNITY’

  1. Their next document contained their top ten recommendations.

  • Professional development workshops

  • Communications (newsletter, website, Facebook, Map, Calendar)

  • Signage – starting with an inventory

  • Membership value enhancements

  • Local accommodations inventory

  • Signature events (collect and combine lists and calendars from all goings-on)

  • Itemize what CSSC and SCCC can offer SACC/SSBA

  • Marketing plan for long-term vision 

  • Provide public updates on dredging activities

  • Address Village Park dog waste problem

  1. A sample community-wide organizational chart of how the Chamber could see itself fitting into the social/civic fabric of the area was presented.  It demonstrated a view of the Chamber as a “hub in a wheel”, a “conduit agency acting between the many regional organizations that have (or could have) a major impact on our community AND the local groups which would benefit from and contribute to joint activities.

  2. A sample calendar “What’s Happening in the Schuylerville Area” was presented.  The idea being to capture and disseminate the information from which both the entities sponsoring an event AND the entire community would benefit from region-wide awareness of the many things already happening here.

  3. A simple format for an easy to understand budget was suggested so that all members could easily become aware of the use of Chamber funds and their potential.

  4. Finally, a draft marketing plan was outlined which began with Market Analysis and ran through Marketing Strategies and budgetary considerations. 










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