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September 29, 2018

March 31, 2017

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Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Board
Tuesday, February 26 th , 2019, 7:00 PM
Saratoga Town Hall


The Meeting was called to order at 7:00 sharp by Vice-President Dermot Jinks. Present were Dermot
Jinks, Ken Macica, Julie Stokes, Tim Holmes, Michelle Starowicz, Lorraine Thompson
Minutes of Meeting of the November 27 th , 2018 meeting were read by Dermot Jinks. Julie Stokes
made a motion to accept the minutes as read, seconded by Michelle Starowicz. So passed.
Treasurer’s Report was presented by Lorraine Thompson, acting financial secretary in absence of Alissa
Wood. A copy of the end of the year financial report was provided to the attendees outlining the
revenues and expenses for the year 2018 with a delineation of the monies in the General Fund plus
each specific fund.

Discussion ensued. Membership expressed the positive effects of the transparency of the funds and
the monthly reports of the financial status of the organization.
Lorraine reported she and Alissa will be meeting to review the treasury, current record keeping and
plan to develop an organization budget.


OSHA Membership information received. DJ Jinks to arrange to have posted on the Chamber
website. It was suggested that announcements, meeting and calendar all be posted on the website as
they are updated.
Letter received from Saratoga Chamber of Commerce to renew membership. A motion was made by
Tim Holmes to renew membership, seconded by Ken Macica and passed.

Membership Committee: Dr. Jinks reviewed the recommendations made at a previous meeting for
rolling membership. DJ will get the membership list from Maria and update the spreadsheet to now
include the expiration date of the membership to facilitate the reminders for members to renew. He
will report at the next meeting with the updated information to begin the discussion regarding the
membership drive.
Discussion followed regarding ideas for membership including postcard reminders of expiring
memberships, ability to pay online (more information needed for that option), the need to order more
decals for 2019, etc. Further ideas will be reviewed at a future meeting.

New Business
Egg Hunt – the annual Egg Hunt is scheduled for the Saturday before Easter – April 20 th . Since it was
felt the Chamber would be a key sponsor of the event, Michelle S offered to chair the project. She will
contact Dan Carpenter, Village of Schuylerville Mayor to coordinate plans. Lorraine offered to contact
the National Honor Society for the filling of the eggs. Michelle will report back to the membership at
the next meeting with more details.

Boat Regatta – Lorraine mentioned that she heard that there was going to be a boat regatta in
Schuylerville at the end of April. Ideas were discussed about how the Chamber could be/should be
involved. A suggestion was made for the chamber to have a “visitor’s tent” at the event and have the
businesses get involved as a welcome to the participants. Lorraine will reach out to Dave Roberts for
more information and report at the next meeting.

Bike Trail – Julie Stokes reported on the exciting news about the Bike Trail that is going to be built from
Red’s Road to the Footbridge at the Schuyler House. Bids are going out in April with the plans for
construction to begin in May for an August completion. New York State will be promoting this
statewide and nationally. It will be on a National Website. The expectation is that it will bring many
bikers, hikers, visitors, tourists to our community. She emphasized the need for this community to be
“ready” for this. We need to focus our energies on becoming a “biker friendly” community. She and
Dan Carpenter will be meeting with the Small Business Association at their next meeting to discuss
more details, ideas and plans to “be ready” for this wonderful opportunity.
Chamber members present discussed a number of ideas for the bike trail. More to come in the future.
SSBA Meeting: March 7 th at the Library at 9 AM. Julie and Lorraine will attend.
There being no further business the meeting was adjourned, a motion was made by Ken Macica,
seconded by Tim Holmes to adjourn the meeting at 8:00 PM and passed.


Respectfully submitted,
Lorraine Thompson, acting secretary


NEXT MEETING – MARCH 26 TH at 7 PM Gates Room in the Town Hall

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